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Read to know the love compatibility of Leo with Libra zodiac sign.

Leo and Libra Lovers

The creativity of Leo lover finds ideal match in Libra's penchant for aesthetics. Leo is more into the physical aspects of love in comparison to Libra lover, but Leo's style eventually wows the Libra partner. Since Libra is fickle, Leo is likely to take charge. The problem is that both are a spendthrift and love anything beautiful. Both are attention seekers and will constantly try to outdo each other.

Leo Male and Libra Female
Leo male will like her for her intelligence and also because she's pretty and elegant. Libra female will like that fact that Leo male's personality exudes warmth. They will enjoy one another's company. Physically too, they will be get along fine. The only problem is that he is selfish and jealous and constantly wanting her to boost her ego.

Leo Female and Libra Male
Libra men are normally quite lazy and like to idle away time. So he will like the fact that Leo female is so energetic and ambitious. Leo female will appreciate his truthfulness and intelligence. The hitch is that Mr Libra is too reserved and that's fallout of his penchant for stability. Libra man will not give Leo lady adequate attention. And so she may sulk and pick a fight.