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Read the yearly love horoscope forecast for each of the Zodiac signs. Find out how your love life is going to fare this year!

Love Horoscope

The New Year is knocking on the door, carrying with it merriment as well as apprehension. While we celebrate the start of a new year with much fanfare, curiosity runs high when we think about what it will have in store for us. The level of apprehension is much more when it comes to love and romance. Be it married couples, singles, broken hearts or engaged people, all want to know how the New Year will turn out to be, as far as love matters are concerned. Will I get my Mr. or Ms. Perfect? How would my relationship go? Will I be able to find someone who understands me or will I get heartbroken again? How would my married life be, when romance is concerned? In order to answer all the questions about your love life, we have provided the love horoscope. Go through it and know whether you will be lucky or unlucky in love!

Aries Love Horoscope
Love is in the air for the Arians, in the year. The coming year promises to expand the horizons of your relationships, as you are likely to strike a chord with new friends and acquaintances. If you are attracted to someone, there is likelihood that you would express the love to the person and devote yourself to him/her completely.

Taurus Love Horoscope
ILove will be a well thought and analyzed journey for the Taurus individuals. You would use your brain more than your heart, before falling in love. There is likelihood that you might come across an uncontrollable person or a circumstance by the end of the year. If a woman, you would be pleased with the admiration and love showed by you lover.

Gemini Love Horoscope
Intense love and romance guides the love journey for Gemini individuals. As the year passes, you would become more mature in love matters. Just follow a word of advice - keep your relationship simple and easy and try not to complicate or overstate it. While a Gemini man would be easy and protective lover, the woman can turn out to be impulsive.

Cancer Love Horoscope
This year would be promising for the Cancer individuals, as far as the matters of heart are concerned. Not only would you gain complete trust of your beloved, but also be successful in articulating your feelings. In the beginning of the year, you might receive an unlikely romantic proposal, which would take you by surprise.

Leo Love Horoscope
This year promises to be a strong year, in terms of relationship, for the Leo individuals. You would be very happy with the new relationships and would derive contentment from them. The New Year would bring joy and understanding in the sphere of love. All the confusions faced in the earlier years, in matters of relationships or relationship status; would get over.

Virgo Love Horoscope
Virgo individuals are likely to face a good year ahead, as far as their love life is concerned. The chances of marriage are very strong, so be prepared. You are likely to get sensitive over the needs of your partner. You would also realize an important fact - it is not always possible for both, you and your partner, to come to the same conclusions and difference of opinion is very normal.

Libra Love Horoscope
The year 2012 would open the doors of new love relationships for Librans. You would receive good news in the sphere of love and would easily solve all those tensions and difficulties which seemed impossible to work out in the last year. Though your love life will start on a casual note ithisyear things would buck-up fast.

Scorpio Love Horoscope
This year poses to be a good period for the passionate Scorpios, as far as their love life is concerned. The chances of Meeting your dream lover or strengthening the current relationship are high. For attached Scorpios, the year will bring good news, either in the form of marriage consent or new arrival in the family.

Sagittarius Love Horoscope
For Sagittarius individuals, this year will ensure victory in matters of love, affair and partners. A chance of getting good news in love life is also not ruled out. You might get an opportunity for some real adventure with your beloved. You would aim for a partner who holds a high position in the society.

Capricorn Love Horoscope
Capricorns are likely to experience a good time this year, in matters of love. This will, in turn, have a positive effect in all the other spheres of life. While the first half of the year would be a smooth ride for you, the second half would require you to be careful. If you are single, chances of marriage are strong.

Aquarius Love Horoscope
For the Aquarius individuals, This year would be filled with intimacy and hues of love. Make sure to follow a piece of advice - do express your true feelings in front of your beloved. You will realize that after doing this, everything fits into place. If you are single or heart-broken, there are chances of love knocking your doors.

Pisces Love Horoscope
This year would be a balanced year, bringing both happiness and sadness, in the love life of a Piscean individual. For the unattached Pisceans, there are strong chances of meeting their dream lover, while marriage is on the cards for the unmarried ones. You might get a little impatient at the start of year, but would gradually come out of it.

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