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This article furnishes you with some really sweet & cute romantic passionate love sayings.

Love Sayings

To one who is struck by the love arrows of Cupid (the Roman god of erotic love and sex) the sweet and cute love sayings serve a number of purposes. It helps you to win over the heart of that special one, cheer up a beloved, engage in romantic chit chats, heal past disappointments in love and so no and so forth. So better equip yourself with some really passionate and romantic sounding love sayings for all occasions. To do this, read on.
  • Love takes birth when manipulation ends. Love happens when you begin to think and care more about the happiness and well being of the other person than about your own.
  • The surest sign of being in love is when the toughest thing to do is utter good bye!
  • True love is yummy because you can't get enough too soon.
  • He who has lived well, laughed often and loved much can be considered to have attained success.
  • I can see you in every passing face.
  • If love were a film, you would be a super duper box office hit!
  • Love is the master key that unlocks the door to eternal happiness.
  • Understand that you are in love when you think about someone else many times more in a day than you think about your own self.
  • Love makes everything seem heavenly.
  • The craving for love is much tougher to eliminate than the craving for bread. " You do not love a woman just because she is lovely. Infact, she is lovely because you love her.
  • I love you more each passing day. I love you more today than yesterday and a little less than the tomorrow that will come.
  • Love is akin to a sweet oppressor because the lover bears his sufferings willingly.