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This article serves as a guide on long distance relationships. Read on to know about long distance love relations.

Long Distance Relationships

You must have come across the term "Long Distance Relationships" many times. However, the very concept of long distance love relations still seems a little absurd to many people. Two people living miles apart from each other on the hope that one day they will be together. The only solace they have is the love and trust that they share with each other. But, they still survive the distance and the wait to come out stronger and have more faith on each other than the normal couples do.

Nobody intends to fall in love with someone living far away. It usually happens that either the couple gets separated because of career commitments or personal commitments or something else. Or these days, people fall in love on the Internet, ending up as long distance couples. Just like every other relationship, an LDR also has it pros and cons. If on one hand, you learn to trust each other, then, on the other, you cannot meet each other as often as other couples do.

In this section, we are giving you a complete guide on long distance relationship. In this guide, we will also tell you how to handle the absence and whether a long distance relationship is even worth it.