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How to kiss the first time? To have the perfect first kiss, read this article on "tips for kissing for the first time".

The First Kiss

The first love, the first kiss, the first hug, these are the moments that remain etched in your memory forever. However, the moment that gives you excitement as well as jitters the most is "kissing for the first time". You blush as well as you fret, at the same time. Because, this is one of those moments that won't come again in your life. You may kiss many times in your life, but the feel of your first kiss will stay with you forever and ever and ever.

So, are you also looking for answer to the question of "how to kiss the first time"? Then, this article is the perfect for you. Here, we are providing some tips for the first kiss…

Make Sure It's The Right Person
The first thing first, be sure that you are at ease with the person you are going out with. The first kiss is very special, so, don't spoil it with a person you don't even know too well. Do you like him/her, have you had a good time, etc, are some of the questions that you need to answer before going through the kiss.

Be Comfortable
Don't worry too much about the kissing for the first time. The tension or the nervousness will take away the pleasure from the kiss entirely. Just remember to go with the flow.

Choose The Right Place
The first kiss needs to be utterly romantic, with the perfect place, the perfect ambience, etc. Choose a place where both of you are alone and the setting is aesthetically appealing. If you can, have soft music paying around you with the light reduced to the dimmest possible.

Choose The Right Time
After the place, the next most important thing is the right time. The most perfect time is when you keep on looking in each other's eyes for a long time, without speaking a word. But remember not to get too hasty.

Is Your Partner Also Ready
There are ways of making sure that your partner is also ready for the kiss. Never Ever Ask. Lean a little bit closer than the usual and wait for some time. If he/she backs off, don't push. However, if your companion is still there or leans a bit and maintains lots of eye contact, then, things are going in the right direction.

Smell Right
While kissing, people come very close to each other. So, make sure that you smell right, both your breath as well yourself. A sensuous smell will definitely be of a great help to you.

How To Go About The Kiss
Proceed slowly, making sure your partner feels comfortable. Hold him/her lightly and keep the kiss light and soft. If you are not too sure, a sweet brush of lips is always the safest bet. Then, wait to see how your partner proceeds.

After The Kiss
After the kiss is over, hold your partner for a few moments. Then, see what he/she wants to do. If he/she continues with the same position, enjoy the closeness for some more time and then see where the kiss leads you.