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Here, we tell you about Valentine's Day romantic love letters. Read on to know about "I Love You" letter.

Love Letters

One of the best ways to express your love is to write love letters to your beloved. Though the phenomenon of writing romantic love letters has gone mostly out of fashion these days, still, it remains the most expressive amongst all the ways of saying "I Love You". It is often misunderstood that shy people, who find it difficult to express their feelings, are the only ones who need to write letters for saying "I Love You". Rather, a love letter is the most sensitive way to express your love, even if you have the courage to shout the same from your rooftop.

Even on Valentine's Day, a romantic love letter will count amongst the best gifts that you can ever present to your partner. You don't need to be a poet or an author to write a love letter. Just write your feelings sincerely and be original. There is nothing more disgusting than copying a love letter from somewhere and giving it to the one you love.