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Here are given some ideas for writing love journals. Read on to know how to write love journals.

Love Journals

Love journals are a perfect way to preserve the memorable moments you have shared with your loved ones. Years after those moments have passed, you can still look back and relive them. So, what are you waiting for guys and gals? Grab a diary or a notebook or a scrapbook and start jotting down all those special memories. Need some tips on "how to write love journals"? Look no further, given below are some ideas for writing love journals….

Memorable Moments Journal
All of us have some special moments in the relationship that we treasure forever. For example, the first time you dated, the first time you proposed or received a proposal, the first time you said I love you, the first time you held hands, etc. Jot down all these memorable moments in a love journal, along with the exact date and all the other relevant details.

Sorry Journal
This is one of the love journals that are supposed to be used after a fight. After you have made up, write down whose fault was it and what is that person going to do to rectify the mistakes. Also, write a small note in the journal saying how sorry you are. The other partner can write how much he/she still loves, even after what happened. This will help you in remembering where you went wrong and lessen the chances of clashes between the two of you.

Everyday Journal
In this journal, write about the small little incidents that happen throughout the day. Both of you can share the same journal or have separate ones. Sometimes, there are small little gestures that make us feel very special, but we tend to overlook them. This journal will help you appreciate the small things in life.

Holiday Journal
In this journal, write about the trips and vacations you went on, both together as well as alone. Writing about the ones in which you were together will bring back fond memories later on. While, writing about your single trips will make your partner realize how much you missed him/her.

Picture Journal
Maintain a scrapbook in which you paste your photographs. Along with each photo, write a small note telling what happened at that time or how you felt.