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This article on the "Art of Seduction" will provide you ideas and tips on seduction. Check out how to seduce.

Art of Seduction

Do you want to master the art of seduction? In this article are mentioned some great ideas as well as tips to help you play the game of seduction. Read on to know how to seduce…

You need loads of confidence to play the game of seduction. If you are not sure of yourself, how do you expect to convince someone else.

Choosing the Target
Choose the right "target". Study him/her thoroughly to ascertain whether he/she is your type or not.

Approach Indirectly
Do not approach your tour prospective partner directly. Giving subtle hints always works the best, rather than hitting on openly.

Induce Desire
A satisfied person can never be seduced. You need to pull out some hidden desire in order to win this game.

Tempt your "potential partner" by giving a glimpse of the pleasures to come.

Go for the Kill
Now is the time for you to make your move. I don't think we need to explain further!!!!!!