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Cupid, roses, love knots, balloons and hearts are all Valentines day symbols.Express your love through these valentines day love and frienship symbols.

Valentine Symbols

Cupid, the winged and mischievous little angel pierces the hearts of his victims with his bows and arrows. The Greeks called him Eros whereas to the Romans he was known by the name of Cupid, the son of Venus. Cupid is thought to be responsible for people falling in love.

Roses have always been the subject of great importance and a certain hit with the lovers all around the world. Roses symbolize love, compassion, peace, friendship and romance. They are available in various colors, each in turn signifying a different thing. Red for passion, Yellow for friendship and White stands for true love and devotion.

Ribbons and frills
Ribbons and trappings are synonymous with love and romance since time immemorial. These were given to the kings and knights by their beloved ones when they went to battles. Even to this day the ribbons form an important part of auspicious occasions.

Nothing symbolizes love more completely as does the heart. And for a romantic person there is no other symbol as important as heart. Heart signifies the life and if you give your heart to someone it means to handover to her or him one's existence. Heart pierced with arrow forms the most important symbol of Valentines Day.

Love Birds and Doves
The belief that birds find their mates on this special day still continues and today's world is no exception to it. The blue colored birds best signify this belief. It is said that lovebirds can't think of life without their mates. Dove on the other hand signifies purity, humbleness and purity and wholesomeness.

Love Knots
The fashion of sending love knots is traced backed to the Arabic traditions where young Muslim Women in traditional and orthodox households expressed their love and affection via the medium of love knots. These women used to sent their love messages to their beloved one's woven in the knots of a carpet. The concept of love knots continues to exist even to this day.