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It is said that cupid is responsible for love. This write up on Valentine Cupid provides information on Valentines love cupid, Valentines day cupid and romantic Valentine Cupid.

Valentine Cupid

Cupid is synonymous with love and romance since ancient times. It originated from the Latin word cupido, which means desire. The ancient Romans considered cupid as the God of love. Cupid is generally shown as a naked boy with wings, bows and arrows. And even today he is considered the supreme lord of the lovebirds all around the world. On Valentines Day cupid with its bows and arrows assumes greater significance on account of its deep association with love and romance.

There is an interesting story behind the legend Cupid. In his original life Cupid was very naughty and playful and not the pious and lovely angel which we think of him today. Cupid fell in love with Psyche (meaning butterfly, soul) but hid his identity from her by showing up only at night. Backed by curiosity and foolish advice of her sisters Psyche decided to see his face but that was not to be and Cupid ran away leaving her behind.

Finally Psyche went to Venus, the mother of Cupid and she was asked to undergo many tests, which she cleared. She was ultimately reunited with Cupid and gave birth to a child named pleasure.