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Here are given some great ideas for places to hide love notes. Read on to know where to hide love notes.

Places to Hide Love Notes

So you have prepared some nice and cute or some naughty love notes for your partner. But now, you do not know where to hide those love notes. We are here to help you in this task. Given below are some great ideas for hiding love notes…
  • If your beloved is fond of reading magazines or novels, you may hide a love note inside it.
  • You can attach the note to the backside of his/her mobile phone.
  • You can also attach a note to the rearview mirror of his/her bike or car.
  • Keep a love note inside the pocket of his/her trousers or jeans.
  • Wallet or purse is also one of the popular places to hide love notes.
  • If he/she takes a lunch box to college or office, you can sneak it away for a while and keep it inside the lunch box. However, make sure that it is kept away from food and is laminated.
  • Stick it on the water or soft drink bottles kept inside the fridge.
  • Put it inside his/her closet, at a place where he/she has sure chances to finding it.
  • Keep it inside the teacup or the coffee mug, which he/she uses on a regular basis.
  • You can also keep the note inside the tea bags container or the coffee container.
  • If he/she is a T.V. buff, attach it to the backside of the remote control.