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Read on to find a variety of cute I miss you sayings, quotes & phrases in this article.

I Miss You Sayings

Everyone cherishes the company of the person they love. But what's so unique about that? It's when you are miles away from that person, missing him / her terribly but still somehow managing to turn your overwhelming loneliness as memorable that makes you different from the rest of the lot. Exchanging with that person short but cute I miss you SMS , notes, phrase and quotes sayings is one way of doing that. Read on to find below an interesting collection of phrases saying I miss you.
  • If I had to collect just one flower for every time I miss you, then I would walk forever in my garden.
  • I lose myself within u.
    Without, I find.
    Wanting to be lost once again.
  • What is the opposite of two? A lonely me and a lonely u.
  • Life is so small n so fast that the hours seem to fly by.
    So we ought to be together. Just you and I.
  • I shed a tear in the mighty ocean. The day you discover it, will be the one I will stop missing you.
  • We go our separate ways only to meet again.
  • Staying away from you could turn from pain to joy, only if I knew you were missing me too.
  • I know no bigger happiness than having you around.
    And no superior ecstasy than sharing my life with you.
  • If I had just a single breath to spare, if I had just a single moment to live.
    I would be spending it with none, other than you.
  • I miss u wen u r far away. I think of u each nite & day. But incase we can't b 2gether. I'll miss u now & forever!
  • I luved u once, but u luved me not. I luved u twice, but I 4got. U never luved me u never will, but even so I luv u n always will.
  • Wen life changes & both of us go separate wayz. U will still b in my heart til my dyin dayz. I tell no lie, dis is tru. Da world has never seen a friend like u.
  • Time seems to crawl when you miss the one you love.
  • I did just three things today - miss you, miss you and miss you.