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Check out the following cute sayings for best friend couched specially to convey how much you value his / her friendship.

Friendship Sayings

Every now and then when most persons you know seem to give you a cold shoulder and the worlds seems like a formidable place, then the one person you turn to, who you trust upon to provide you some solace, a sympathetic ear or just a nice warm hug is a friend! It's the same friend we often tend to take for granted, when things are going smooth in our life. We somehow conclude that he /she will always stick around no matter what.

And it only when the friend is gone that we realize how much he / she meant to you. That if only you had taken some time off to convey what you are feeling now. All those who have been blessed with a loving and caring best friend, do not miss out on the opportunity to express your love and appreciation. Celebrate your friendship with the following cute friendship sayings.
  • A true pal is the one who walks in, when all others walk out.
  • Water may dry. The various flowers may die. But genuine friends will never say bye bye!
  • A true friend will surely find a reason to love you even when you have done something that you cannot mend.
  • Overlook the times that he walked by.
    Overlook the times he made you want to cry.
    Overlook the times he uttered your name.
    What you must remember now is that you're not the same!
    Overlook that fact that he held your hand.
    Overlook the sweet things if you can.
    Overlook the good times and do not pretend.
    All you must remember now is that he's still your friend.
  • Think of that person like whom you have not met any other. With whom, you can yap for hours and still not get bored. Tell him / her things and still know you won't be judged. That person is your best friend, so never let he / she go.
  • One true friend is worth a 1000 relatives.
  • Love, self-confidence and friend are the three things I treasure the most. And in you, I find all three.