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Read to know the love compatibility of Leo with Pisces zodiac sign.

Leo and Pisces Lovers

While both Leo and Pisces lovers are somewhat in awe of one another, there are obvious temperamental differences that just don't blend. While Leo is showy and controlling, Pisces is unworldly and dreamy. The worldly nature of Leo will not appease Pisces lover. On the other hand, the sensitive and dreamy nature of Pisces person is what Leo cannot stand. Ultimately, Leo partner will begin to look elsewhere.

Leo Male and Pisces Female
Leo man and Pisces woman is normally regarded as the most 'typically' masculine and feminine signs in the Zodiac. They do gel well, but the big problem is that Mr Leo will want to dominate Ms Pisces so much that she will start feeling suffocated. To make the relationship works, it's going to require some serious self-analysis by both partners.

Leo Female and Pisces Male
While Pisces will like Leo lady's self-respect and courage, she is liable to be attracted to him too and acknowledge his warmth and affectionate nature. From time to time, she will definitely flaunt her pompous and haughty nature, which he will not like. As a consequence, Pisces man will turn more silent and crib.