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Read to know the love compatibility between two lovers of the same Leo zodiac sign.

Leo and Leo Lovers

The free Leo love compatibility chart says that this is one riveting couple. Having a liking for everything glamorous, the Leo couples are bound to make heads turn wherever they go. Since both are highly sexed, they also share an excitingly romantic and vibrant rapport in bed. But the real problem is about holding the reins of their relationship. Neither of the Leo lovers wants a back seat. They will prove to be majestic lover and arch rivals simultaneously.

Leo Male - Leo Female Love Relationship
The Leo male and the Leo female make one hot pair together. You can say that their love relationship will be warm one. Both will admire one another's virtues and create one mutual admiration club. The only problem is that both are fixed signs and accepting changes may crop up tensions at times. He will want to lead the relationship, whereas she thinks that she is perfect.