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Read to know the love compatibility of Leo with Aquarius zodiac sign.

Leo and Aquarius Lovers

There is a spark in the love affair of Leo and Aquarius in the beginning. But the latter has a habit of constantly criticizing, which will hurt Leo's ego. The emotional aloofness of Aquarius will dent Leo's sentiment as the person will see this as personal rejection. Also Leo is not so open to experimentation in love making as Aquarius. Both are social creatures, but Leo has tendency to grab the limelight. . Aquarius is a freedom lover and refuses to become Leo's devoted subject.

Leo Male and Aquarius Female
It is the contrast in their attitude that will bring them close. Aquarius female is all bizarre and yet wonderful, so interfering Leo man will find her interesting. There is scope for witty conversational games here. She'll like his affection and broadmindedness and his positive vibes. One apparent tension crops up due to his self-importance. While Leo man worries endlessly about what other people think. Aquarius lady does not care at all.

Leo Female and Aquarius Male
There is instant rapport between the Leo female and Aquarius male right from the word go. And there can be a perfect romance provided other factors are right. Both love their independence. If the relationship goes awry, then it probably be because she will begin to think that Aquarius male is uninteresting and plain. He, who is a freedom addict, will wonder why she needs so much attention.