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Read to know the love compatibility of Capricorn with Aquarius zodiac sign.

Capricorn and Aquarius Lovers

Capricorn thinks Aquarius is too fickle, whereas Aquarius thinks of Capricorn as hard to deal with. The traditional fixed attitude of Capricorn annoys adventurous Aquarius very much. Aquarius is somewhat a vagabond, whereas Capricorn is homely. If they don't learn to like each other, then there is possibility of love turning into friendship.

Capricorn Male and Aquarius Female
Aquarians are the biggest abstract idealists, whereas Capricorns are known to be rigid realists in the zodiac. As such, the Capricorn male and Aquarius female relationship is bound to have some amount of strain. Both Capricorn male and Aquarius female tend to want to lead the relationship. The relationship can work if both learn to keep their big egos in the back seat of the relationship.

Capricorn Female and Aquarius Male
They are a pair of opposites. While Aquarius male is always about splendid ideals and abstract ideas, Capricorn female is more practical and like to see reality in the face. This clearly means there will be stress in the relationship to some extent. See if both can work around their problems by compromising their egos?