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Read to know the love compatibility of Taurus with Aquarius zodiac sign.

Taurus and Aquarius Lovers

Neither Taurus nor Aquarius will approve of one another. While the Taurus lover is traditional and guarded, Aquarius is unconventional and lively. Taurus is out and out lusty, whereas Aquarius is more balanced. Taurus lover will find it difficult to keep Aquarius partner satiated with homely delights. Aquarius wants frankness and does not want to be bogged down by anything, whereas Taurus wants coziness and stability.

Taurus Male and Aquarius Female
She is balanced, mysterious and strong-minded about being different. He is extremely patient. But on second thoughts, he will feel he should save his patience for somebody who will understand his merits better. Since he is more willing to maintain the status quo, it is likely to be her to walk towards exit.

Taurus Female and Aquarius Male
The hitch is that Aquarius is most restive, rebellious and wants change, but Taurus is just opposite. So they do not instantly gel together. Aquarius man will easily be charmed by Taurus woman, but then he always gets easily charmed. If she begins liking him, she might get hurt emotionally. There is a negligible scope for a romantic relationship here.