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Read to know the love compatibility of Taurus with Cancer zodiac sign.

Taurus and Cancer Lovers

The Taurus love compatibility chart highlights how Cancer and Taurus lovers complement each other. But while both partners are passionate and dote on each other, there is also need for steadiness in their affair. Cancer lover jazzes up their sex life by adding that pinch of imagination to Taurus's otherwise plain attitude to lovemaking. Taurus is controlling, but that's fine with Cancer who needs support. Both are avaricious moneymakers and also homely by nature. Calm Taurus is also suitable for moody Cancer. A good match!

Taurus Male and Cancer Female
There are some sour aspects, in their relationship, but their's is a good match overall. Taurus male will find Cancer female's fickleness little crazy, then he's normally a tolerant person. Both will be fall in love steadily. Both partners are 'sensible' when it comes to money. They gel well.

Taurus Female and Cancer Male
A Taurus-Cancer pair is harmonious one. Taurus woman is patient when it comes to deal with Cancer man. The only possible hitch is that Cancer wants a partner who's a nice stable woman to look after him. And she will find his fickleness simply immature.