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Read to know the love compatibility of Cancer with Sagittarius zodiac sign.

Cancer and Sagittarius Lovers

Extrovert Sagittarius can help imaginative Cancer partner to grow intellectually. But unluckily Sagittarius will not give Cancer partner the reassurance in love matters for which the latter craves. On the other hand, the envious trait of Cancer is ignited by the flighty nature of Sagittarius lover. Cancer is so always seeking support from Sagittarius that it bores the latter. Sagittarius is an explorer, whereas Cancer person is too homely. Further on, the sharp talks of Sagittarius constantly hurts vulnerable Cancer. Both are better off as friends than lovers.

Cancer Male and Sagittarius Female
There surely will be initial attraction here. But this is a special case. Sagittarius woman will like Mr Cancer's honesty and kindliness. But astrologers opine that her fearless outgoing nature may have experienced hurt in some past love relationship and thus relation with Cancer male may seem therapeutic for her in this particular case.

Cancer Female and Sagittarius Male
If there's attraction in this relationship, it probably because of Sagittarian man's interest in exploring the mysterious - i.e. this gloomy, cross Cancer woman! For Cancer women, such traits are normal. Tension will begin to broil when it comes to committing. She will demand strong ties, but Sagittarius man is not one to be tied down.