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Read to know the love compatibility of Cancer with Scorpio zodiac sign.

Cancer and Scorpio Lovers

The sensuality of Cancer is fueled by Scorpio's passionate nature. But because the Cancer lover is faithful, Scorpio's envious nature does not wake up. The possessiveness of Cancer will in fact make Scorpio feel more secure. While Cancer is fascinated by Scorpio's vigor, Scorpio revels in Cancer's emotional faithfulness. Both people are tremendously intuitive of one another and understand what will gratify the other. The Cancer and Scorpio lovers have the capability to create a happy home for themselves. Moreover, situation will only get better with time.

Cancer Male and Scorpio Female
Cancer and Scorpio are rated as the most romantic couple. Cancer male has a good sense of humor and thus helps loosen up Scorpio female's serious character. His shielding instincts will be aroused by her nicely concealed emotional nature.

Cancer Female and Scorpio Male
They make one serous pair as both Cancer female and Scorpio male tend to get broody sometimes. She will understand and respond to Scorpio's needs. On other hand, Scorpio man will have ample understanding for her need to hide away from the world from time to time. Both suit each other aptly.