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Read to know the love compatibility of Libra with Scorpio zodiac sign.

Libra and Scorpio Lovers

Scorpio's capability to give compliments is what made Libra lover fall for the former. But then Scorpio is also very liable to lash sharp remarks in anger. And these traits are exactly what Libra cannot stand. The flirtatiousness of Libra further irks up sensuous Scorpio. When Scorpio lover becomes more and more demanding, the Libra love compatibility chart states that Libra lover either has the alternative to give in or walk out of the affair.

Libra Male and Scorpio Female
Scorpio lady will get charmed by the fact that Libra man can hold lively debates without appearing showy. The mild and smart manners of the Libra male will usually allure and he will see in the Scorpio lady an attractive challenge to his agile mind. If tension surfaces, it will be due to Scorpio female's constantly demanding and stubborn nature. On other hand, Libra man is also a little flirt and Scorpio woman cannot stand this at all.

Libra Female and Scorpio Male
What will allure vacillating Libra female is his deep sense of assurance she derives from Scorpio male. Scorpio male is confident with strong viewpoints. Scorpio will like Libra female's outgoing open attitude. The problem is that Libra lady will feel annoyed by his secretive nature and Libran enviousness can easily lead to distrust. Scorpio will not like her fickleness.