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Read to know the love compatibility of Cancer with Libra zodiac sign.

Cancer and Libra Lovers

This one will prove to be a trying partner for Libra. While cancer will want love to be exciting, the Libra partner will seek ideal intellectual union. Libra partner will show no understanding for the feelings of Cancer, who in turn will feel dissatisfied by mental aloofness of the Libra person. Cancer is very unpredictable and controlling for lighthearted Libra. And both have a hard time creating a rapport sexually. They prefer a lovely cozy home, but Libra also wants regular get-togethers and outside delights. When Cancer ups cribbing, Libra lover will want to move out of the affair.

Cancer Male and Libra Female
All will be fine in the beginning. Infact, Cancer man will enjoy chasing a Libra woman and she too will respond happily. But when happens after they move on to the second stage in their relationship? Ms Libra will want airy, abstract balance, while Mr Cancer will look for deep bonds to another's soul. Things can turn bad ultimately.

Cancer Female and Libra Male
Their relationship can work out, but there are apparent tensions visible. Cancer female is emotional, caring and instinctive. Libra man is critical, abstract and brainy. The hitch is both will want to lead the relationship and fail to understand each other temperamental difference.