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Read to know the love compatibility of Cancer with Virgo zodiac sign.

Cancer and Virgo Lovers

Cancer and Virgo lovers make an ideal pair. While Cancer lover is more frank about emotions, Virgo is more rational, but they gel perfectly. Cancer may have to encourage Virgo a bit, but there is fire in their love affair underneath that cool appearance. Their can turn out to be a stable, cozy and loving love affair. Cancer partner's obsessiveness about money matches that of Virgo's ambition oriented nature. Cancer can handle Virgo's finicky habits, whereas Virgo assists in balancing unsteady Cancer. Both perfectly cater to one another's requirements.

Cancer Male and Virgo Female
Their relationship is a fine blend of friendship and passion. Cancer is cardinal, while Virgo female is variable and astrologers see this as a good math. Women normally are less egoists than men and so, happy to adjust for future of close relationships. In this case, she will love his unwavering attentions and he will like her loyalty.

Cancer Female and Virgo Male
Both will hit it off well. Though there will also be some obvious differences between Virgo male and Cancer female. This is because Virgo man is aloof chap with few (but good) buddies. For friends, this trait is okay, but lovers demand more.