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Read to know the love compatibility of Cancer with Leo zodiac sign.

Cancer and Leo Lovers

This one's Cancer love compatibility prediction with Leo lover. The open extrovert ways of the Leo is something that the Cancer lover has to get used to. On the other hand, the otherwise kind-hearted and open-natured Leo is what a Cancer person exactly requires in a lover. Cancer too understands how to manage arrogant and flashy Leo easily. Leos demand ample adulation and praise to keep them happy and satisfied. The Leo partner will be more dominating during lovemaking and a little too candid sexually for Cancer partner. Both balance each other nicely.

Leo Male and Cancer Female
But the problem in the relationship between Leo male and Cancer female is that he is a big egotists and Cancer woman will feel suppressed and ignored. A war between the Moon and the Sun signs is not a viable idea. Physical rapport is good.

Leo Female and Cancer Male
Cancer man is poetic, charming and caring person, who will shower Leo female with praise. Leo female will love all the adulations. Both gives what other requires. They will be one cordial couple from the word go