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Cancer and Aquarius Lovers

The self-centeredness of Aquarius person may seem like a rebuff for Cancer who's warm and receptive by nature. In return, the support seeking, oversweet nature of Cancer will make Aquarius feel hemmed in. Aquarius is quick to think and changeable and therefore, easily loses out on patience when dealing with cautious and hesitant Cancer. The sharp humor of Aquarius makes Cancer lover feel easily hurt. While Cancer partner wants a cozy and adoring partner, Aquarius is a loner. Sex life of the two will be fine.

Cancer Male and Aquarius Female
This affair can be a real tricky one. Cancer male will be all nice and sweet to her and will be enticed by her quirkiness. But gradually restless and flighty nature of Aquarius female could clash with cautious Cancer's own grave moods. Sex life will be fine.

Cancer Female and Aquarius Male
If Cancer female is moody and emotional then chances are Aquarius male won't even notice this. This can be quite discouraging for Cancer female who may feel that she's just being taken for granted. However, both will share good physical rapport.