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Read to know the love compatibility of Aries with Cancer zodiac sign.

Aries and Cancer Lovers

This is the love sign compatibility for Aries and Cancer lovers. Both Aries and Cancer are people with strong personality. The spark is there from the onset of relationship, but soon they realize that there are temperamental differences also. Aries is quick to react, whereas Cancer lover is alert. Moreover, while Caner gives home utmost importance and Aries loves independence. Gradually bitterness creeps in. When Cancer begins to nag, Aries begins contemplating to end the relationship.

Aries Male and Cancer Female
There is attraction between Aries Male and Cancer Female. But both zodiac signs are not only elementally contrasting fire and water, but also cardinal signs -i.e. both will want to lead the relationship their way. This can cause acute friction to develop in their love life gradually.

Aries Female and Cancer Male
Both Aries female and Cancer man are strong persons with leadership traits and this could create problems. But Cancer men are also charming and could use it to handle fiery Aries woman. But problem is - what happens when he isn't feeling charming and she is acting forceful? This could cause rift.