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Read to know the love compatibility of Aries with Pisces zodiac sign.

Aries and Pisces Lovers

Aries will help shy Pisces evolve and in the process, will be vowed on discovering Pisces' sensuous and enticing sexuality. Aries's confidence and Pisces's fantasies result in an exciting relationship. The dissimilarity in both the lovers' personality only results in one complementing another. Aries is confident and spirited. Pisces is more or less shy and effortlessly led. Aries prefers to be dominant and Pisces likes having someone to turn to for support and love.

Aries Male and Pisces Female
The Pisces female is shy, submissive and imaginative. Aries man is outspoken, and forceful. They make a good match. She is good listener, while he loves to air opinions.

Aries Female and Pisces Male
Despite so much contrast, both lovers can make life exciting and love each other. The less good news is that there is somewhat of an inversion of traditional sex roles here. Pisces male is very intuitive and fantasizing male character in Zodiac, whereas Aries woman very assertive. They may end up being good friends.