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Read to know the love compatibility of Libra with Pisces zodiac sign.

Libra and Pisces Lovers

All is well in the Libra and Pisces relationship in the beginning as both are sentimental and doting. There are many binding factors in their traits. For example, both want to impose their romantic ideas upon reality. But Pisces require domination, encouragement and steady attention from partner and after a while, Libra begins to find this trait very restrictive. Libra is a freedom lover and playful by nature. Pisces is bound to feel neglected and crib. Libra will have to take lead sexually and finds that irritating.

Libra Male and Pisces Female
Pisces woman is dreamy, romantic and sentimental. Libra male is considerate, cheerful, abstract and brainy. At times when Pisces lady likes to fantasize, the Libra man is capable of giving her company. The only hitch is that she may be too emotional for him and he may wonder what's the matter with her!

Libra Female and Pisces Male
There is romance in the relationship. Libra male is dreamy, romantic and charming and appeals perfectly to cheerful lady Libra. But the problem is that both like to remain far too long in the fantasy world than is need in this fast-paced competitive world. Plus, she may be emotionally a bit too demanding.