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Read to know the love compatibility of Gemini with Libra zodiac sign.

Gemini and Libra Lovers

Here's a free Gemini love compatibility with Libra lover. Intellectually, both suit other perfectly. This is one lively pair, who is always happy and easy going. Neither Gemini nor Libra is argumentative and seem to agree on almost everything. Both partners simply adore each other, love to have fun, are social animals and nurture love for traveling. Their lovemaking is passionate and neither is too trying. One hitch their have is that both like to splurge.

Gemini Male and Libra Female
Gemini males savor their personal independence and will instantly respond to Libra female's consideration for that as well as need for their own. However, Gemini male will have to keep in mind that she being a Cardinal sign will want to lead at times. Otherwise, they nurture superb capability for romancing.

Gemini Female and Libra Male
They will never stop chatting about things. Infact both Gemini female and Libra male lovers have so much in common. So they will enjoy many mutual activities. This one is nicely matched couple. The only problem is that he will not admit easily that he's wrong ever and you can imagine what will ensue.