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Read to know the love compatibility of Libra with Aquarius zodiac sign.

Libra and Aquarius Lovers

The adventurous lovemaking of Aquarius fuels up the sensuous nature of Libra. Both have all the ingredients to make their love affair a cozy and beautiful one. Both are gregarious beings with a deep interest in arts and culture. Libra and Aquarius lovers will enjoy both the friendship as well as the romantic part of their relationship to the hilt. Fickle Libra is supported by quick-thinking Aquarius. They share a good rapport.

Libra Male and Aquarius Female
Libra male likes to explore his own ideas and plans, which keeps his life interesting. He will have the support of Aquarius lady in everything he does. In the process, she may even help him to be become less indecisiveness and fickle. He's a bit of a romantic and both get along well.

Libra Female and Aquarius Male
The Libra female and Aquarius male make a good couple. Aquarius male is intelligent, which also suits Libra lady's own enthusiasm towards understanding life. At times, his personal Aquarian agenda may come into conflict with her need to avoid conflict, which may make him think she's immature and indecisive. But otherwise things are okay.