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Read to know the love compatibility of Taurus with Libra zodiac sign.

Taurus and Libra Lovers

Know the Taurus love compatibility with Libra lover. Taurus finds Libra tender and romantic person. And calm Taurus steadies Libra's fickleness. Finance could be a problem because Libra lover does not agree with Taurus's respectful nature where money is concerned. The horoscope signs of both Taurus and Libra are dominated by Venus and therefore both are sensual characters. But Libra's vacillation and carefree attitude toward love can make Taurus angry. Libra too will dislike Taurus's controlling nature.

Taurus Male and Libra Female
Since both partners are ruled by planet Venus, their relationship cannot be bad. The Libra female may be a tad better at pushing the right buttons in their relationship than a Taurus man and will, thus, get to lead frequently.

Taurus Female and Libra Male
In a love relationship between Taurus female and a Libra male, she will be charmed by his mental and verbal quickness, but just for a while. Later as time passes, she will wish that he should just keep shut. She may want a serious commitment, which it seems never occurred to the Libra male.