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Read to know the love compatibility of Taurus with Sagittarius zodiac sign.

Taurus and Sagittarius Lovers

As per Taurus love compatibility horoscope for 2012, the Taurus-Sagittarius relationship can work if Taurus knows how to handle the other partner. Both are sexually attracted to one another, for Taurus's fervor is fueled by Sagittarius's candid lovemaking. It is Sagittarius's roving eye that Taurus finds difficult to school. Sagittarius nurtures an easy-going attitude about everything, whereas Taurus is serious and at the same time, possessive too. Sagittarius lover rejects staying under somebody's dominance. Theirs' is not a boring affair, but there's a good amount of bickering. If handled carefully, it can also be fun.

Taurus Male and Sagittarius Female
This relationship can work, but there are also apparent areas of tensions between Taurus male and Sagittarius female. Fiery Sagittarian women may find that traditional Taurus man is too expressively simple and lacking keen intellectual insight. Whereas, he may find her too high-spirited. However, there's possibility of both making some adjustments in their relationship.

Taurus Female and Sagittarius Male
The traditional Taurus lady may end up mothering a Sagittarius man. Not that there's anything's really wrong with being mothered or mothering. It's just that it is more of an adult-child thing than a meeting of two equals. On the other hand, the honesty of Sagittarius man will appeal to the Taurus lady, whereas her commonsense will be a useful in lessening his wilder theorising.