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Read to know the love compatibility of Scorpio with Sagittarius zodiac sign.

Scorpio and Sagittarius Lovers

The Scorpio love compatibility chart says Scorpio will be swept off feet by the unrestricted lifestyle of Sagittarius. Scorpio will definitely try to control but will be unable to keep restive Sagittarius under the thumb for long time. While Sagittarius wants excitement and adventure, Scorpio prefers security and love. Sagittarius is candid when it comes to relationships, whereas Scorpio is close-mouthed and envious. It's a romance without future.

Scorpio Male and Sagittarius Female
The Sagittarius female is among the cheerful optimists of the Zodiac, whereas Scorpio is more on calm and serious by nature. Now this relationship can work out if both trade qualities. But then there is also equal chance that both may harp about the odds in their relationship maximum times. Scorpio man may find her optimism superficial, while Sagittarius lady will wish he were a bit more cheerful and take things more lightly. It is she who will have to adjust in the relationship.

Scorpio Female and Sagittarius Male
Mr Sagittarius will be charmed by Scorpio lady's positive outlook. Lady Scorpio will be wowed by the fact that Sagittarius male is so confident and does not seem to give a toss about anything. In the long run, she will begin acting moody and Sagittarius male will seem to neither care nor understand. It'll require emotional subtlety from both to keep it going without crabbiness.