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Read to know the love compatibility of Libra with Sagittarius zodiac sign.

Libra and Sagittarius Lovers

Sagittarius's adventurous nature ignites Libra, whereas Sagittarius lover too is enticed by Libra's charms. Though both are very loving by nature, it's Libra who is more romantic. Another thing is that Libra will want to tie the wedding knot before Sagittarius wants. Remember Sagittarius is a freedom lover? Libra, however, knows how to pacify Sagittarius. They are one delightful couple.

Libra Male and Sagittarius Female
Sagittarius female has the exuberance and frankness to keep a tight reign on his mental goings-on of the Libra male. Libra males are known to be quite a rover otherwise. The Sagittarius female will like Libra man's candidness and accessibility, which is the same as her own. With time, however, it is the same traits of mushy mutual admiration that could create problems if not taken care of.

Libra Female and Sagittarius Male
Sagittarian man can easily impress lady Libra. His obvious confidence will seem to charm her as Libra woman is vacillating. Libra woman at times shows contradictory traits, which attracts adventurous Sagittarius man all the more. He is enticed by mystery and will want to unravel it. The problem is that she may eventually come across as a bit too reliant on him and on his independence.