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Read to know the love compatibility of Aries with Libra zodiac sign.

Aries and Libra Lovers

Know love compatibility of Aries with a Libra partner. There is strong attraction between Aries and Libra lovers from beginning despite the open fact that both are temperamentally very different. The binding factor is that one supplies what the other lacks. For instance, the aggressive attitude of Aries enhances sensual capability of Libra lover. Both are social people, but also restless in different manners. With time, Libra will want someone less difficult, while Aries will want one more loving. Wonderful affair, but unhappy marriage.

Aries Male and Libra Female
The air and fire combination of Aries Male and Libra Female are normally very sparky and here both are also opposite signs too. But it's equally true that contrasts attract. Arguments could crop up about anything. But then Aries male tend to lose interest if a woman does not bark back and Libra women too enjoy it secretly. There is very unusual kind of rapport between them.

Libra Male and Aries Female
Both are cardinal zodiac signs which mean both will want to act boss. Baffling can be Aries female's self-centeredness or even lack of consideration. Libra man may even want to please, but is it possible to do so all time? Libra man is lively, but his passions may be inadequate for her.