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Read to know the love compatibility of Aries with Scorpio zodiac sign.

Aries and Scorpio Lovers

Know love compatibility of Aries and Scorpio lovers. Their love is warm and passionate. Both Aries and Scorpio lovers complement each other perfectly physically. But there is also temperamental difference. Also it's the emotional aspect of their love affair that they find difficult to handle properly. Neither wants to be the one being dominated. Scorpio's envious nature may bring relationship on brink in the end. The relationship is uneven with a low ignition point.

Aries Male and Scorpio Female
Masculine fire (Aries) and feminine water (Scorpio) don't always live very easily together. He is open, but she is guarded. And while her memory is good, his is bad. He's quick-tempered but forgives easily. She is calm but reprisal is sure. So if opposites attract, then these two should be made for one another despite being temperamentally different.

Aries Female Scorpio Male
Scorpio likes to be truthful and Aries woman respect him for this. However, things could get grave emotionally. He's cautious and skeptical, while she's impulsive and candid. They will have to co-operate to make their relationship work.