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Read to know the love compatibility of Aries with Gemini zodiac sign.

Aries and Gemini Lovers

Read to know about the love compatibility of Aries and Gemini lovers. Both Aries and Gemini lovers share a unique bond and will love to yap endlessly. Both are open to trying out new things/ experiences. But the Gemini person is tactful enough to nicely curb Aries' desire to control the relationship. Intellectually too, both complement each other. While Aries is brainy, Gemini is creative. The two have a great year ahead.

Aries Male and Gemini Female
There is instant attraction between the two. Both are also positive thinkers and like to set and try to achieve immediate goals. This connotes they make a good pair and could well end up working together.

Aries Female and Gemini Male
Theirs should be an ideal meeting of minds in every way. Both are witty, quarrelsome and brainy and most of all talkative. Gemini male will admire Aries woman's keenness to stand her viewpoint, whereas Aries female will be impressed by Gemini male's mental alertness and speed.