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Read to know the love compatibility of Gemini with Cancer zodiac sign.

Gemini and Cancer Lovers

The playful personality of the Gemini instantly attracts Cancer partner. However, Cancer will not find peace of mind fully as Gemini is constantly so undecided. Essentially, the real nature of cancer is sentimental, while that of Gemini is more intellectual. And this temperamental difference makes it hard for both to understand each other. They are, however, quite congenial in bed. But Cancer faces a tough time adjusting to Gemini's naughty, easy nature in matters of love. Cancer will try mighty hard to tie down Gemini who just cannot stomach that.

Gemini Male and Cancer Female
Cancer female and Gemini male relationship is the typical man-women story - what he thinks and what she feels! While he's jolly, she's considerate. Cancer woman may be tempted to mother her man. But the big problem seems to be the fickle and changeable nature of Gemini male, which Cancer female will find most annoying.

Gemini Female and Cancer Male
None can woo a woman better than Cancer man and so Gemini female will definitely love this. But she will simultaneously think that he's acting too clingy and persuasive and so will be emphasizing her independence all time. This pair needs to do lots of adjusting.