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Read to know the love compatibility of Gemini with Pisces zodiac sign.

Gemini and Pisces Lovers

The Gemini love compatibility chart shows that the person shares a passionate relationship with the Pisces lover. But there are also problems. Sentimental Pisces will get easily miffed by the thoughtlessness of Gemini lover. Gemini is naughty and playful, but Pisces is touchy and has a tendency to take Gemini's sharp remarks by heart. Each one of them follows deception on some way or another. Gemini puts on a false appearance and Pisces will not deal with the truth. Gemini craves for independence and quests and Pisces demands constant admiration. Both find it difficult to get along smoothly.

Gemini Male and Pisces Female
Gemini male has earned a reputation of being a little economical where truth is concerned. Its not that he like to say lies. But due to his dual nature, he has a tendency to make contrast statements. This is something the Pisces woman finds difficult to digest. To handle the relationship, the Gemini man has to act very affectionate which is again very difficult for him.

Gemini Female and Pisces Male
In some ways, both are light-hearted, flighty and dualistic. So theirs is bound to be some good connection in their love relationship. The hitch is that both can annoy one another like anything. Gemini lady will love the highly emotional Mr Pisces, later might start feeling bored and trapped. He tends to get mute when distressed with her. A shaky relationship.