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Read to know the love compatibility of Capricorn with Pisces zodiac sign.

Capricorn and Pisces Lovers

Capricorn provides impetus to Pisces's basic habit of ideating and also provides the reliance Pisces lover so craves and appreciates. If Capricorn lover is the unchallenged master, then Pisces is a willing follower. Pisces's penchant for the uncanny may even color Capricorn's unoriginal passions. Pisces's doting nature and Capricorn's powerful sense of faithfulness blend to make each partner feel safe and secure. The two contrast people meet each other's requirements wonderfully.

Capricorn Male and Pisces Female
Pisces female is flexible. So her partner will rarely voice any apparent annoyance with her. But this is some amount of competition shimmering below the facade. It all depends on how Capricorn male is ready to handle this relationship. Whether he is willing to be just himself - reliable, steady, and calm - or whether he will choose to get domineering and critical. If case of latter, Pisces lady will end up feeling subjugated and angry. In the former scenario, this could be ideal marriage stuff.

Capricorn Female and Pisces Male
The Capricorn lady is liable to be the strong one in the relationship. Nevertheless, she will receive a vital dose of genuine admiration and affection from Pisces male. This will help her to step out of her distrustful Capricornian shell and bloom. In return, her sensible practical self will keep him nicely anchored and keep him from drifting into a fantasy world. They gel perfectly.