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Read to know the love compatibility of Taurus with Capricorn zodiac sign.

Taurus and Capricorn Lovers

Capricorn and Taurus lover make a good match because both are passionate and uncomplicated. Though there will not be much of romance in their affair, there will definitely be loads of healthy sex. They nurture similar goals and prefer to have same types of friends. Both the lovers also have liking for security and financial stability. However, Capricorn is little more guarded than Taurus would prefer, but treasures Capricorn's loyalty nevertheless. Taurus is wowed by the charming nature of Capricorn's and wit.

Taurus Male and Capricorn Female
While Taurus male is unchanging, Capricorn females will want to lead in their relationship. Their love life will have no nonsense involved. Both will have a conservative attitude towards life. Both will want to make plenty of money. There will be occasional problems, which both should be able to sort out.

Taurus Female and Capricorn Male
Neither partner will be pleased by the flashy fleeting things in life. On the contrary, they will prefer good old virtues, discipline and patience. It will be the Capricorn male who will be more particular about these things than the Taurus female. On personal front, both have good sense of humor and will enjoy each other's company.