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Read to know the love compatibility of Leo with Capricorn zodiac sign.

Leo and Capricorn Lovers

The subtle differences between Leo and Capricorn lovers will become prominent later on. Leo's overly romantic nature and love for grandeur is restricted by the logical Capricorn. Their approach to sex is also different. Leo is more vigorous in lovemaking, whereas Capricorn lacks verve. The demanding Leo will find reserved Capricorn insufficient while reciprocating affection. Since both Leo and Capricorn will want to hold the reins of the relationship, this will cause problems.

Leo Male and Capricorn Female
Lady Capricorn will be charmed by his frankness and courage. For Mr Leo, she's just apposite - intelligent but modest, go-getter but practical. But he's too interfering, whereas she's somewhat reserved. So this is bound to create some problems. In the long run, Leo male will seem to be boastful, while she will seem impassive and uninteresting to him.

Leo Female and Capricorn Male
There will be compatibility between this match. Capricorn male will appreciate her loyalty and constancy, plus her fiery warmth. Add to this the fact that this lady considers herself to be uniquely different and also treats herself so. Capricorn man will make her feel special. However, tensions crop up over Capricorn man's earthy steadiness which she will find boring and Leo female's naiveté, which he will see as being plain stupid.