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Read to know the love compatibility of Leo with Sagittarius zodiac sign.

Leo and Sagittarius Lovers

The zestful and positive-minded Sagittarius entices Leo partner easily according to the love compatibility chart of Leo. Inturn, Sagittarius appreciates Leo's sunny attitude towards life. Both prefer adventure, excitement and socializing. Both are great sexually too. And if there's anybody who can emit loyalty from Sagittarius, then it's Leo. They make a good pair.

Leo Male and Sagittarius Female
There is a great pair, but there are some risk factors too. Sagittarius female will like Leo's man honesty and candidness. He'll be enticed by her positive zeal. So there will be that initial attraction. The problem zone will be that Leo man will always want to be in the limelight. And if begins to demand attention from her, then she will simply refuse. Leo will have to take things easy.

Leo Female and Sagittarius Male
There is fabulous rapport here between the two. She will like his philosophical attitude and he will appreciate her intellectual receptivity, fun attitude, etc. You will like to laugh away time and are pretty capable of entertaining. But then they may also compete to outdo each other. They are good together, but she can be a bit demanding, whereas he can be undiplomatic and inconsiderate.