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Read to know the love compatibility of Leo with Virgo zodiac sign.

Leo and Virgo Lovers

Virgo's intellectualism will attract Leo, but Virgo will fail to understand Leo's constant showy nature. Leo will demand more in sexual matters from the cool, calm Virgo. While Virgo is alert and prudent, Leo is profligate. Leo like to live life king size, but Virgo prefers remaining subdued. But despite everything, Virgo will refuse to be subjugated.

Leo Male and Virgo Female
Despite what many believe, the Leo male and Virgo female will turn out to be a suitable match for each other. Leo male is sympathetic, kind and affectionate. He is also quite uncritical, which should make the going easy. He will expect her to be polite and modest, spruced up and well turned-out. However, Virgo female will find him an embarrassing show-off at times.

Leo Female and Virgo Male
Virgo male will like Leo female because he's looking for that special woman. Leo female herself too feels that she's perfect, which means she will be well turned-out in public. And Leo will like this. Leo female will like his intelligence, meticulousness and so on. The hitch is that she may begin to think that he's boring and serious. Things only go downhill from here.