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Read to know the love compatibility of Virgo with Aquarius zodiac sign.

Virgo and Aquarius Lovers

The Virgo love compatibility chart point that both Virgo and Aquarius partners are logical and intellectual beings, but their resemblance concludes just there. Aquarius has exciting ideas but finds Virgo very pale and impassive. Both actually have distinct contrast traits. Virgo is not too forthcoming when it comes to giving emotional support, whereas Aquarius thinks very differently. Aquarius is more concerned about making this world a more livable place. Their love affair is bound to collapse.

Virgo Male and Aquarius Female
Possibility of thriving romance here emerges crucially as fallout of their mutual respect for the idea of freedom. Virgo male like Aquarius female's insight and honesty. Whereas, she will like his candor. Problems erupt when Aquarius female finds that Virgo's man's 'freedom' is basically because he's somewhat an aloof loner. She will find Virgo male too predictable and so boring. At the same time, she is one who comes across as too flamboyant for his liking.

Virgo Female and Aquarius Male
There is adequate connection between these two to bring them close. Virgo female will be enticed by his independent and inquisitive nature. He will like her multi-facetedness. Virgo ladies can be very patient, which signifies she will tolerate Aquarius man's silly impulses. Problem can emerge because Aquarius man will like to tease her and Virgo lady will not find this amusing at all. He will always want to get his own way, which she will think is too much.