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Read to know the love compatibility of Virgo with Libra zodiac sign.

Virgo and Libra Lovers

This is a love compatibility chart of Virgo lover with Libra. It says Libra lover will be too superficial for Virgo's liking. The Libra will relish spending cash, attending parties and being in limelight. Virgo is fussy and will try to curtail Libra's boisterous nature. This will make Libra feel unloved. Libra too cannot digest the always practical approach of Virgo. Libra could drift away as consequence.

Virgo Female and Libra Male
There is every possibility that it will be lady Virgo who will fall for Libra male as he is amusing, suave and clever with a pinch of glamour too. Libra man, who is very indecisive, will acknowledge Virgo woman's steadiness. But the problem is that he is not really going to value her virtues. And due to this, Virgo woman will feel hurt emotionally. She may sadly march out of the relationship.

Virgo Male and Libra Female
There is a clear chance of attraction here at the onset. But this is partly as Libra lady is normally an appealing proposition to most men. Libra lady is jolly and clever. The Virgo male, on the other hand, is regarded to be very cool and calm. However underneath that cool façade, there may be turbulent passions hidden. Problems surface later on when she discovers how rigid his views are. And when he realizes how little she cares for orderliness.