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Read to know the love compatibility of Libra with Capricorn zodiac sign.

Libra and Capricorn Lovers

The Libra love compatibility chart with Capricorn lover says that both are sexually very attracted to each other. But then that is all there is to their relationship. Libra partner demands more affection and notice from Capricorn, who is more subdued when it comes to emoting. Sentimental Libra will feel dissatisfied with the love affair with practical and money-oriented Capricorn. Libra is easy going, which will infuriate ambitious and hardworking Capricorn. While Libra is a social animal, Capricorn is a loner.

Libra Male and Capricorn Female
Maybe the relationship can work, but with time problems are bound to surface. As the day ends, Capricorn female may seem to be too commonsensical and dull to him. Whereas, hardworking Ms Capricorn may think Libra man is too impractical, indolent and feeble.

Libra Female and Capricorn Male
They are attracted to one another, but problems might erupt in the long run. She gets easily unfocused, which will annoy Mr Capricorn who is a disciplined man. On the other hand, his stubborn/ fixed viewpoints can be irritating to lady Libra.