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Read to know the love compatibility of Sagittarius with Capricorn zodiac sign.

Sagittarius and Capricorn Lovers

The love compatibility chart of Sagittarius says neither Sagittarius nor Capricorn will be able to cater to each other's needs. Capricorn cannot stand Sagittarius's lighthearted attitude towards love issues. Both have high goals in life, but starkly different approaches. While Capricorn wants to hike to the mountain top, Sagittarius wants to fly there. The outspoken nature of Sagittarius is bound to dent the feelings of Capricorn. Both need to see other people.

Sagittarius Male and Capricorn Female
Theirs' is a meeting of opposites definitely. Capricorn is normally said to be reliable, commonsensical, etc. Sagittarius, on other hand, is said to be enthusiastic and jolly idealist. In realistic relationship terms, the suggestion is that Capricorn lady will probably think that Sagittarius male is full of unrealistic ideas, while he'll think she's a bit on the cantankerous side.

Sagittarius Female and Capricorn Male
They are certainly not going to make the best of friends. The worry is that Capricorn male is probable to discourage most of Sagittarius female's wonderful ideas as he will find it all plain silly. But if they get the equilibrium in their relationship right somehow, then their union can acquire potential for a superb blend of positive outlook and practical thinking.