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Read to know the love compatibility of Sagittarius with Pisces zodiac sign.

Sagittarius and Pisces Lovers

Pisces and Sagittarius are madly charmed by each other in the beginning. Pisces admires the lively Sagittarius, whereas inturn is admired for its spiritually inclined nature. Further on Sagittarius's explorative nature is limited by emotional Pisces's clinging nature. Pisces wants a partner who shares more than just bed (i.e. intellectual compatibilty) whereas Sagittarius likes nothing else but.

Sagittarius Male and Pisces Female
The good thing is that Mr Sagittarius is an amicable optimist person and is more or less careful not to hurt sensitive Pisces woman when both are together. But Sagittarian man can also get quite blunt at times on certain matters. And if Pisces lady gets sad about this, the chances are he will neither care nor understand her malady.

Sagittarius Female and Pisces Male
Pisces males are known to be sensitive, emotional type, whereas Sagittarians are normally sharp verbally. As such, there is possibility of misunderstanding in the relationship between the two. However, open optimism of the Sagittarius lady will prove an effective stimulant for Pisces man, whereas his dreamy mysticism will add psychic strength to her philosophy.